Aaron Moore: CapNY Freelancer, Acting with Aaron

Aaron Moore started “Acting with Aaron,” in 2012. Born, raised, and still living in Albany, he started teaching acting when he came back to Albany after college and noticed that there were a lot of youths in the area who were interested in the performing arts but didn’t have an outlet for it. He wanted to give back to the city and fell in love with doing it. Aaron says, “Giving my knowledge to others and getting to see how it affects them is a true gift.” 

Aaron Moore, what’s your favorite thing about freelancing?

My favorite thing about freelancing would be the freedom that it gives you. You can make your own hours, create your own projects, and set your own networking opportunities. I’m able to work on multiple projects at the same time. 

What’s the most difficult part about freelancing?

I would say that the most difficult part of freelancing would be the lack of stability that a regular 9-5 job has. 

What’s your advice to a freelancer just starting out?

My advice to folks starting out would be back sure you have a full understanding of your business plan and create realistic long and short term goals. Look for networking opportunities when you can, and always get things in writing. 

What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started?

I wish I knew I didn’t have to say yes to everything, that planning ahead does wonders, and to have set up my prices before starting out.  

Your most exciting project to date?

I’m working on my first written production “When the Sun Rises and the Walls Come Down.” Putting a play together from scratch has been most exciting, and stressful. 

Aaron said that it’s great to be a freelancer in the CapNY because the region has started on a creative renaissance and it’s still growing and shaping. As the city grows, so does the opportunities for freelancing. 

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Written by: Gabby Fisher

Gabby is a serial entrepreneur living solo with her toy poodle, Mochi, in Schenectady. She also happens to be the Senior Producer on the CapNY branding initiative!