CapNY Insider Tips: Upstate Kayak Rentals

Sign up, pay online, get a code, unlock your kayak/life jacket/paddle, ADVENTURE! Upstate Kayak Rentals makes the process of self-service kayak rentals THAT easy and that’s why they’re included in this edition of CapNY Insider Tips.
The only difficult part of the process was choosing one of the eight paddle locations offered through Upstate Kayak Rentals – many of which I’ve never explored before.
My friend Cassie and I chose the Klamstream Kayak Launch in Clifton Park, which allowed us to explore the area of the Mohawk River underneath the twin bridges – making for some pretty cool Instagram pics, as seen below.

Exploring the Mohawk River

Kayak lock

I chose our kayaking adventure launch spot through Upstate Kayak Rentals. I picked a reservation time, paid the $50+tax (for the two of us, total!) for a three hour adventure. An email arrived shortly after with detailed instructions to get us into the water.

Day of, we met at Klamstream and quickly unlocked our kayaks and went on our way. We loved that we didn’t have to wait in line and could leisurely take off on our own schedule. It made for such a peaceful, serene experience and we were truly able to enjoy one another’s company. It was by far the easiest, most enjoyable kayak experience I’ve ever had. I cannot wait to explore the other seven launch spots.

Chicken wrap

If you happen to embark on your paddle adventure at Klamstream launch, pop over across the street to The Klamr Tavern & Marina for DELICIOUS pub food and some craft beers. One of the best buffalo chicken wraps I’ve ever had…

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Written by: Gabby Fisher

Gabby is a serial entrepreneur living solo with her toy poodle, Mochi, in Schenectady. She also happens to be the Senior Producer on the CapNY branding initiative!