10 Reasons We Love Being Single in CapNY


Becky Daniels of Albany, 34, and Gabby Fisher of Schenectady, 28, are two single, boss women who ROCK – and love being single.

Now, they want to share with you why they living in and experiencing CapNY solo. They’re not the only ones who think this place is perfect for free spirits…

Insurantly ranked the Albany-Schenectady-Troy Metro the nation’s 7th Best City for Single Millennials.

It’s nice to have our 10 reasons we love being single in the Capital Region confirmed by researchers! With over 71% of millennials in CapNY living single – whether you love ridin’ solo or are looking for a partner, this is the place to be. 

Why Becky Loves Being Single in CapNY


I am a near life-long resident of the Capital Region, growing up in Schenectady but recently moving to Downtown Albany. Here, I have built an incredible life living and loving in the 518. And the dating scene is great. However, being single is pretty wonderful, too. I take great care of my furchild, Izzie, even if I struggle to keep plants alive. So whether you’re looking for love — or are happier solo —  here are just a few of my reasons being single in #CapNY can be awesome: 

1. CapNY is full of opportunities to meet new people

Woman Coming Together

When I moved back after graduate school, I was lucky to have a great group of friends from high school to come back to. But I still wanted to expand my professional circle, find a mentor… and maybe some potential dates. There are so many ways to build a network. I found my people through joining the Palette Cafe Community and Junior League of Albany, attending events with our awesome local chambers and young professionals groups. Volunteering with community organizations including the local St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital team, New Leaders Council, and Capital Region Sponsor a Scholar also helped.

2. You can make a difference here

Schenectady City School District Education Foundation

There are so many ways to feed your passion for making our community a better place. Whatever causes you might be interested in supporting, you can find it all here. Living in a community with such a vibrant nonprofit scene means that there are always an abundance of opportunities to lend your talents and treasures to worthy causes. For example, serving on nonprofit boards can be a rewarding way to enhance your own skills and experiences while meeting new people and making positive change in the world. As a current board member for the Schenectady City School District Education Foundation, I support our fundraising events, help distribute grant money to teachers and work with the other board members to guide the organization and make the biggest impact possible on the teachers and students we serve.

3. The housing options are incredible

I’ve rented, I’ve owned and I’ve even crashed with my parents for a month or two in between (spoiler: it wasn’t that bad!). I’ve recently returned to renting and love living in such a wonderful, vibrant downtown. Moral of the story? There are an abundance of affordable housing options in CapNY for a happy-being-single person.

Whatever living situation you’re looking for, it’s here. And, while moving can certainly be stressful, it’s fun to be able to try out different situations to see what suits you best before you take a leap and settle down in a more permanent situation (if that’s what your goal is).

4. Learning opportunities abound

Bullmoose Co-working Space

There are tons of ways to have fun and learn something new at the same time! As an added bonus, dorking out over something you enjoy is a great way to meet new friends and potential dates with similar interests!

Here are some favorites that I’ve tried or come highly recommended by friends: 

  • Education institutions 
  • Health & wellness organizations 
  • Nonprofits that offer free and low-cost training on a variety of topics  
  • Local historical societies that host tours and workshops throughout the year (the haunted ones around Halloween are the BEST!)

5. There is always something to do

Great Flats Nature Trail
Great Flats Nature Trail, great place to go for a walk!

It’s pretty hard to be bored in CapNY! When I’m feeling outdoorsy, I love going for a run or walk on one of the waterfront bike trails. For a fancier mood, there are some incredible places to get a little dressed up and enjoy great food and service. I also absolutely love live music and comedy and there is no shortage of that here.

In post-covid times, I recommend keeping an eye on the Funny Bone in Albany, to catch some pretty big names and local comedy talent. Open Mic Nights at the Comedy Works in Saratoga are also always a good time! For live music – the free shows in the summer at places like Mohawk Harbor, Central Park and Freedom Park in Schenectady and Empire State Plaza in Albany are always fun. And for a bigger night out, SPAC is always a favorite! Want to try something new? Some of my favorite new activities include ziplining and  axe-throwing — which are both super fun with just friends or a date. 

Why Gabby Loves Being Single in CapNY

Gabby and her nephew Julian

Ah, to be single in CapNY… I love this place and I think it’s an especially dope place to be single. I was in a relationship all of high school and  college. When that relationship ended, I moved back to Albany, where I was born and raised – and found a new love for this place and the people in it. My relationship with myself, and this region, is blossoming every day. It was difficult to narrow down the list, but here are my 5 reasons I love being single in CapNY.

6. Affordability

Millenial Home Owner

In October 2020, I bought a multi-family home in Schenectady. The fact that I can afford to buy this place as a single woman is huge. I love being single and living on my own. Plus, I live within a mile of two bustling downtown areas – restaurants, bars, boutiques…whether I feel like riding my bike to grab a bite by myself or meeting friends, the location is perfect.

7. CapNY transplants galore

An influx of interesting, ambitious people are moving to CapNY from all over in crazy numbers! I swear I meet a CapNY transplant, someone who has moved to CapNY from another place, at least once a week. It makes for a dynamic, diverse community. People of all backgrounds are here for many different reasons and it’s one of the things that make this place great.

8. We have the best first date spots

Mohawk River
Kayaking on the Mohawk River

From homemade dinner on a farm, to renting Kayaks on the Mohawk River, to grabbing a local beer at a dive bar, there is never a shortage of first-date spots. Trust me, you’ll never have to take your new Bumble date to the place you took your last Bumble date!

9. Bored? Never

I’ve lived in three cities in CapNY in my lifetime – Albany, Troy, and Schenectady. Each city has a distinct vibe, a unique character, and different communities of people. I hear from some friends, especially single friends, who live in other cities that they’re “over” living where they are. They’ve felt they’ve experienced all there is to experience in their current city and are ready for a new adventure being single in a new city. I’ve traveled to places all over the world and I’ve never felt that way about CapNY. If I ever get bored of Schenectady (highly doubtful), or feel like I need a different vibe, I’ll just move to a different city or town within CapNY. 

10. This is where I’m from and this is where my heart is

Indian Ladder Farms!

Okay, going to get a little sappy on this one…I was born and raised in CapNY. My entire family lives here and has lived here for generations. Being single isn’t equivalent to being lonely. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m surrounded by loved ones who I can always count on to make me feel loved and at home. I can’t imagine living – or loving being single – anywhere else in the world.

Written by: Capital Heart Connection

Becky Daniels of Albany, 34, and Gabby Fisher of Schenectady, 28, are two boss women who ROCK being single. Now, they want to share with you why they love living and experiencing CapNY solo…so they present to you, Capital Heart Connection! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to be kept in the loop on singles content, events, and more fun than you could imagine.