4 Self-Care Ideas for CapNY Singles

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Capital Heart Connection always celebrates singledom – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tough sometimes!
Whether you get a little down seeing your coupled up friends on the gram, or maybe you find yourself wishing you had a romantic partner to do some exploring with, or just feeling down due to being stuck in the middle of a pandemic…we get it.

Livin’ the Single Life

Being single can get a little bit lonely sometimes. The good news is, there are so many great ways to enjoy a little self-care all throughout CapNY. We’ve got a few of our favorite ways to show ourselves a little love for you here:

Becky’s Tips:

1.Take Yourself on a Date

Beer and food at Mad Jack Brewery

I’m a big believer that you have to show yourself the love that you want to bring into your life. So, with that, sometimes I take myself on a date.  

If you’ve never done it, eating out alone can feel intimidating, but I’d bet many of you have a favorite spot or two where you know some of the bartenders or waitstaff. That’s a great place to start! (And, if you don’t have a favorite spot yet, this is a perfect way to find one). Clean yourself up, put on a favorite outfit and grab yourself a seat at the bar. Order a favorite drink and something decadent and enjoy! A few of my favorite spots for this are The Van Dyck and The City Squire in Schenectady. In my new neighborhood of Downtown Albany, I love DPs and The Hollow.

Food and wine at The City Squire
The City Squire’s French Onion Soup with a glass of Pinot Noir never disappoints

Pro tips — if you like sports, do this to watch a game and you’ll almost always make friends! And, if you’re not feeling social or chatty, bring a book or magazine with you so you can take a break from your phone while giving off a “no thanks” vibe to those who might try to chat you up. 

During the pandemic, I still try to create the same atmosphere for myself with some candles and special takeout. And yes, occasionally, I’ll even put on something cute just to stay home to show my non-sweatpants clothing some love. Some spots even do cocktails to go which is SO fun. Check out Plumb Oyster Bar’s Cocktail Club, or Rosanna’s for some fabulous creations you can enjoy on your couch.

2. Move Your Body

Becky doing Yoga
Teaching a yoga class at the (sadly) now closed Elevate 518 Studio

Another favorite form of self-care is to get moving! There are so many ways to do this and you have to figure out what brings you joy. Movement should not feel like a punishment! 

I sometimes enjoy running, but lately I’ve found long walks a bit more relaxing. The Mohawk Hudson Bike path is within walking distance of my home. From the Corning Preserve, I can hop right onto the path. I also love the portion of the bike path that starts at Lions Park in Niskayuna.

I also absolutely love yoga! Connecting breath to movement — and being really intentional about checking in with myself — feels amazing for my body and my brain. Now is a great time to try yoga if you’re a newbie. Thankfully, you can find tons of free and low-cost online options. Many local studios are also offering online courses that will allow you to practice safely and support small business. One of my favorite spaces that I can’t wait to get back to post-pandemic is Studio 4 Hot Yoga — with a special shout out to the “Sweet Sunday Surrender” Class! 

Gabby’s Tips:

3. Book yourself a night away

Gabby drinking a Guinness in Dublin
Solo travel (and being single) means lots of selfies…like this one in pub in Dublin drinking my first Guinness

I’ve done a lot of solo travel, domestic and abroad. I traveled solo for a month and a half through Europe and it was one of the most awakening experiences of my life. I’m what one would call an ambivert – with extrovert and introvert qualities. So, despite the fact that I love being around and meeting new people, I rejuvenate through alone time, where I can reflect in peace. Solo travel is my definition of self-care. I’ve put together some of my favorite overnight stays in CapNY, which you can see via these links — Albany and Catskills.

Gabby and her Toy Poodle, Mochi
My forever date/travel partner, Mochi

If I’m riding solo, I’d choose to stay in a Getaway tiny home in the Catskills. I’d bring my pup, Mochi, and spend a night in nature — phone off. Bring a book you’ve been wanting to read, turn up your favorite podcast, and cozy in for a night of stillness and peace. Wake up in the morning, brew yourself a cup of coffee, and take a stroll through the calm woods. There’s nothing like it.

4. Nourish your body with locally sourced and homemade goods

Charcuterie board made from goods found at Farmer's Markets
I love making charcuterie boards at home from goods I found at Farmer’s Markets

Self-care is about feeling good and paying attention to your health – mental, emotional, and physical. When I consume fresh, healthy goods and support small local business, it makes me feel whole and it truly nourishes my soul. Spend a day browsing local shops and farmers markets, and invest in some foods that make you happy. Find some treats that you love but rarely have. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. I tend to engage in these type of self-care days often and here are some of my favorite CapNY spots to do it:

  • The Local in Cohoes – I’ll grab a breakfast sandwich and coffee (only $6!) and then buy a locally made candle, a plant or two (I’m an obsessed plant mom – my collection consists of more than 30 plants at this point), and I’ll always pick up some fresh veggies.
Olde Hudson Specialty Foods
Hudson has some of the most amazing food shops I’ve ever been to

Written by: Capital Heart Connection

Becky Daniels of Albany, 34, and Gabby Fisher of Schenectady, 28, are two boss women who ROCK being single. Now, they want to share with you why they love living and experiencing CapNY solo…so they present to you, Capital Heart Connection! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to be kept in the loop on singles content, events, and more fun than you could imagine.