5 of Gabby’s Favorite CapNY Coffee Shops

Gabby at Kru Coffee
Everybody knows I love where I come from. CapNY is home for me and I want to see it shine. I spend a lot of time exploring the nooks and crannies of this region, always on the hunt for new, small, local businesses with character.
Coffee culture is a huge part of my life, and my travels. Local coffee shops are the eyes into the culture of the place you are in.

Caffeine Connoisseur

I’ve met some lifelong friends in coffee shops, and have made crazy awesome networking connections in local spots. There’s something about them that sparks creativity in me. There’s a big burst of energy that filters through these shops (and it’s not the caffeine).

I put together a list (not in any particular order), with some of my favorite coffee shops in CapNY in hopes you’ll check them out, support local business, and find inspiration in the atmosphere and people you encounter here. (P.S. if you follow me on IG, you’ll see me post my coffee shop ventures as I continue to explore everything CapNY has to offer – old and new!)

Superior Merchandise Company, Troy

I like to say this is the coolest, most hipster specialty coffee shop/home goods shop/community gathering space in the whole region. Whenever I have friends visit from out of town, I bring them there because I want them to see how dope of a place I live in. I once overheard a San Francisco local say how this coffee shop was cooler than any spot he frequented in SF… Oh, and don’t forget to hit up their weekly “Bagel Sunday” drops for speciality bagels and crazy unique cream cheese flavors. Check out their IG and get a feel for their aesthetic.

Little Peck’s, Troy

Little Pecks is a neighborhood all-day café with a passion for tasty bites and quality beans. There are few things as pleasant as sitting in the garden area of this coffee shop with their killer egg and cheese biscuit and a mocha latte. When I’m dreading a project, I setup shop here, because this is where I find peace. Plus…the plants…I’m a plant mom to the core so I’m feeling the vibes. Check out their IG here!

Perfect Blend Cafe & Bakery, Delmar

The best dirty chai tea latte I’ve ever had in my life…not exaggerating. It’s in such a cute little section of Delmar, so it’s a great place to hit up and then spend time walking about to explore the shops that are close by. Plus, it’s right near some of the public art spots along the Albany Rail Trail – so you can talk a nice walk, bike, or in my case, rollerblade before or after stopping for your coffee. Check out their IG here!

Professor Java’s, Colonie

An absolute CapNY classic. Bomb food – my favorite thing for breakfast is the spicy Elise’s Demon breakfast wrap. It also has a cool atmosphere and is in a convenient location to everything you’d ever need…making it an especially great place for professional meetings. Check out their Facebook!

Kru Coffee, Saratoga Springs & Glens Falls

From their site, “We know coffee. Our wide selection of coffees is carefully chosen from farmers who produce the best product and are socially responsible toward workers. All of our coffee is Fair Trade, Direct Trade, or Rainforest Alliance Certified.” SOLD! The place has a cozy, industrial feel and a quality/taste that is key to me loving the place so much. Check out their page!

Hope you’ll pop on by and try these gems out yourself! Support local business, tag them in your posts, tag us in your posts and use #GoCapNY – let us know what you think!

Written by: Gabby Fisher

Gabby is a serial entrepreneur living solo with her toy poodle, Mochi, in Schenectady.