Making the Move from North Carolina to CapNY: A Career Transplant Story

If you follow Forbes on social media, you might’ve noticed that they recently posted a study by Niche that ranked Albany as the #4 best places in country to be a young professional.

CapNY is booming with potential, opportunity, & young professionals from all over the world are making the move to our Upstate NY region.

Regeneron as a National Leader in Medicine

You may have read throughout this website, and on the news, about local powerhouse Regeneron. Regeneron is a leading biotechnology company that invents life-transforming medicines for people with serious diseases, from eye diseases to cancer.

It’s known as one of the hottest places to work in CapNY. In fact, Jackson Inchalik, Data Analytics Developer, moved from North Carolina to CapNY to take a job at this growing company. Here’s his story…

When did you relocate & why?

I graduated from High Point University in North Carolina in May 2020 with a job lined up at Regeneron as an Associate Data Developer. Because of months of Covid closures, I spent the final months of my college career with my family at home in Connecticut. When I was ready to venture out on my own, I moved in with another intern-employee conversion in the Rensselaer / North Greenbush area where I have since been living.

What’s your role at Regeneron & how did you end up in the field?

I studied Computer Science and Mathematics at my university with little background or experience in Pharmaceuticals. Based off recommendations from other students I had met at my school, I began applying to Regeneron’s established internship program. After initially being turned down from the program, I gathered experience working in IT at Ashley Furniture. The following year I circled back to successfully join Regeneron’s internship program for the summer between my junior and senior year. After a summer of extensive learning and development, I had received a job offer that I excitedly accepted.

How does Regeneron’s work culture impact your ability to immerse yourself into CapNY life?

Regeneron has done a terrific job of getting me involved with the local community. From helping in Special Olympics’ training during Regeneron’s Day For Doing Good, to supporting local businesses with our Veteran’s fundraisers, I couldn’t thank Regeneron enough for getting me active in the local community. Regeneron’s workplace values of transparency and teamwork also applies to their interaction with the local community. They dedicated themselves to a high level of involvement and they leave a substantial impact on their local communities each and every year.

Why do you love living in CapNY? What is something that’s surprised you about this region?

I don’t think I will ever get over the natural beauty of upstate New York. Long car rides easily become a sightseeing adventure whenever you find yourself in a new area, and I have to admit that I find great peace in the outdoors, especially up here. One thing I was happily surprised by was activity going on in the area. I initially thought it would be much quieter in the region , but I quickly learned from colleagues about the surplus of activities there are between Albany and Saratoga. From horse racing to casinos to even watching a fellow employee’s local band perform at bars (Quick Fix!), there’s plenty to be explored.

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