From Cashier to Marketing Coordinator: Mia’s Career Journey at Price Chopper

Many companies locally and across the world utilize internship programs to attract, nurture, and retain young talent to their organizations. The goal of the Summer Internship program at Price Chopper/Market 32 is to provide professional experiences to students within their area of study.

What does the internship program entail?

The program is a 10-week program open to junior, senior, and graduate level students who desire real world, hands-on business experience, as well as a chance for exploration of the region.

“We gather as a group to support volunteer efforts within our Schenectady community. While also offering enjoyable things like month-long bingo activities, where interns would need to complete various tasks with the hopes of improving the quality of their experience. Lastly, a mentorship program was introduced this year giving interns the opportunity to learn and develop from someone other than their direct supervisor.” says Josh Deyo, Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Former intern Mia Teal is just one of the success stories from the program. From having a job as a cashier, to being accepted into the internship program after college and transitioning into a full-time career as Paid Media Marketing Coordinator at Price Chopper, Mia’s story exemplifies the transformative power of this corporate internship.

Internship Turned Career

Mia was born and raised in CapNY, in Clifton Park, where she found her first job at the age of 17 at Price Chopper. As Mia pursued her college education, she maintained a connection with Price Chopper, returning to work during her school breaks. This continuity allowed her to cultivate a deep understanding of the company’s operations and culture. Upon graduating from college, she was offered a summer internship with Price Chopper.

The program featured two weeks of intensive in-person and online training sessions, reflecting the hybrid approach brought on by the pandemic. During this time, Mia was assigned various projects and worked closely with seasoned employees. Mia’s journey evolved as she transitioned from e-commerce to digital media. The experience broadened her perspective, as she realized there was much more to the grocery industry than meets the eye. She mentioned that she learned far more during her internship than she could have ever anticipated from her college education.

Embracing Company Culture

Price Chopper’s culture of collaboration and community engagement has left an impact on Mia. She’s been encouraged by leadership to get involved & give back to the CapNY community outside of her work responsibilities. A colleague introduced her to the Capital Region Chamber Young Professionals Network (YPN), which encouraged her to reach out, network, and participate in various community building & professional development activities. Mia found herself taking on tasks like editing podcasts, and her commitment led her was asked to Co-Chair the Communications Department by the president.

Mia’s story is a testament to the upward mobility within Price Chopper. She noted that many employees had transitioned from roles like bagging groceries to becoming company directors, highlighting the company’s commitment to nurturing internal talent.

Mia’s Life in CapNY

Beyond her professional work, Mia relishes the diverse experiences that CapNY offers. She enjoys hiking in spots like Lake George and Fort Ann, exploring local breweries, and practicing yoga at The Hot Yoga Spot. She finds the regions centralized location and its abundant recreational opportunities as one of the reason she decides to stay and build a life for herself.

Mia’s journey from a cashier to a Paid Media Marketing Coordinator at Price Chopper is a tale of determination, growth, and community engagement. Her experiences highlight the importance of staying connected with one’s roots and seizing opportunities for personal and professional development. In an ever-evolving corporate landscape, Mia’s story reminds us that success often finds those who are open to new experiences and committed to continuous learning and growth.

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