Art in the Cap Region

Urban wall that runs along a highway with a vibrant mural painted on it to show an example of art in the Capital Region.

Bright, colorful, vibrant – from renowned art museums to public art, the creativity of this place and its people are evident in any city or town you explore across the region. Up-and-coming artists and professionals showcase their work through art festivals, community events, and galleries to be cherished by locals and visitors.

BLM protest in black & white with one person in foreground - artist Jade "TrashKid" Warrick in color with a sign that says "I am not another statistic."
Jade Warrick, “TrashKid”

Artist Highlight: Jade Warrick, “TrashKid”

Jade Warrick is a powerhouse artist and freelancer. Known in the art world as “TrashKid,” you may remember her from our “Freelancer February” series. Jade is not only a Cap Region icon because of her creative graphic design & energetic spirit, but because of her active voice in the communities she’s a part of and her passion for making art accessible for everybody. We sat down with Jade to ask her what she’s been up to over the past few months – especially during the COVID-19 crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement. Click for full story…

Andrea LaRose, co-founder of second street studios, is wearing a mask and looking into the camera.
Andrea LaRose, Co-Founder of Second Street Studios

Creative Highlight: Andrea “Drea” LaRose

Andrea “Drea” LaRose is a Cap Region native, born in Troy, NY. She’s an artist that works primarily in photography and site-specific installations that deal with visual shifts in analog and digital worlds. In January 2020, Drea and her good friend, Carolyn Hopkins, opened Second Street Studios, in Troy as a space to create artwork and grow a sense of community amongst artists. In this interview, she talks about the struggles and rewards of being a young artist. Click for full story…

A photo of a painting by Steve Derrick that shows a healthcare worker wearing PPE as part of his series and a submission to our Creatives in Quarantine gallery.
Painting by Steve Derrick, Submission for Creatives in Quarantine Gallery

Cap Region Creatives in Quarantine Gallery

We’ve organized the Creatives in Quarantine Gallery as a scrolling experience, so that it feels a bit like you’re strolling a physical gallery; you can stop to admire the details and notations that catch your eye, and move on to admire the next piece that interests you. We hope this provides a moment of refuge for all who visit. Inspiration and vision are as contagious as the virus, so in that spirit, let’s celebrate these creations of our fellow locals! Click here to enter the gallery…