LGBTQIA Resources: 6 Organizations Across CapNY

If you’re queer and considering moving to the Capital Region or just recently started living here, chances are you have encountered the familiar stats and info blurbs below on the inclusivity of this place… Regional LGBTQIA Resources On our list there are only one or two groups that are specifically built as LGBTQIA resources. YetContinue reading “LGBTQIA Resources: 6 Organizations Across CapNY”

Voices from Albany’s Queer Movement: Caring and Inclusive

If you’re a queer person thinking of moving to Albany, listening to voices from Albany’s queer movement provides perspective. There’s only so much you can learn from internet research. In order to get some insights, I spoke with four Albany queer community advocates. Each of them – whether connecting with queer youth, making inclusive healthContinue reading “Voices from Albany’s Queer Movement: Caring and Inclusive”

3 CapNY Thrift Shops for Socially & Eco Conscious Consumers

Fast fashion is unsustainable, both environmentally and ethically. So, writer Mia Nilo developed two criteria for seeking out CapNY thrift shops: 1. Finding local shops that directly benefit the community 2. Choosing shops that catered to her budget #1: Style Encore My top pick, Style Encore, is a locally owned and operated franchise. They’re affiliatedContinue reading “3 CapNY Thrift Shops for Socially & Eco Conscious Consumers”