The Amazing Creative Industries of CapNY!

The Creative Industries are the heart of CapNY. They’re what makes us such an amazing place to live. And, it’s a huge economic driver, with billions of dollars in earnings. That’s Melissa auf der Maur, bassist for Hole and Smashing Pumpkins, Founder, Basilica Hudson. She’s one of the beacons of CapNY’s Creative Industries. Photo courtesyContinue reading “The Amazing Creative Industries of CapNY!”

Become A CapNY Investor

Become part of the CapNY story! Our financial supporters are featured on our CapNY Investor section, where we give insight into your ethos and commitments. Plus, we’ll share your current openings on our Jobs page, and you’ll have access to CapNY articles for your corporate communications and more. Contact Katie Newcombe, Chief Economic Development Officer,Continue reading “Become A CapNY Investor”

Capital Region Disability Leaders And Visionaries

Inclusion starts at home and, ideally, extends into one’s community. As a person with disabilities raised by parents who taught me I was capable of anything I could imagine, I sought freedom. I ran wild with my able-bodied siblings in our childhood garden, ran track and cross country with my high school peers, and pulledContinue reading “Capital Region Disability Leaders And Visionaries”