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A photo of the co-mads logo and the tagline: travel and do good. Also includes website address (, IG address (@co.mads) and FB address (@travelanddogood)
co-mads: inspired by community, collaboration, & the wandering nature of nomads

co-mads is not your average travel company. We’ve developed the trinity of modern travel, which entails our core values of mindful tourism, conscious consumerism, and community impact.

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A photo of Gabby Fisher drinking at a beer tasting.

In July, 2017, I quit an unfulfilling job to travel Europe for three months to challenge the way I viewed the world and allow myself some time for creative exploration.

I started meeting other travelers, many of whom were fellow Americans. Our discussions revolved around our travel aspirations and concerns about social justice issues around the world. 

A common theme became evident… people want to immerse themselves in the various cultures of our global community and give back. Through many conversations, and subsequent research, I realized that impact tourism is the new wave.

-Gabby Fisher, Founder & CapNY Native

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