Greg Barcomb

Senior Account Executive, Ten Eyck Group

“By day I help people and businesses with risk management; by night just trying my best to raise a kind little human. If they are keeping score, I’m into it. I like to believe everyone means well.”

What I love about CapNY

  1. You can have it all. Saturday night dinner and a show in the city, then a quiet coffee on the back deck in the suburbs all within 15 minutes. You don’t have to choose one or the other like in major metros.
  2. The variety. Each of our main 4 cities all have a different vibe. Depending on what you want to do, there is somewhere to go!
  3. Opportunity. I have the opportunity to grow professionally and build a network to allow me to achieve the goals I have. You won’t get “lost in the crowd” here.
  4. Connected. You can take the 6 degrees of separation and cut it in half. I enjoy being able to connect dots and people. I think that builds strong trust and relationships which help both personally and professionally.
  5. A fresh cider donut. There is NOTHING like a late September/early October Sunday morning walking in the crisp fall air having a fresh cider donut, getting ready for the 1pm NFL games!!!

Let’s Eat! My Favorite…

  1. Restaurant for a special occasion: The Barnsider
  2. Spot for Friday night take out: Mario’s Pizzeria
  3. Place for comfort food: Ruggerio’s Pizza and Deli
  4. Place to get something sweet: Villa Italia or Cocca Dotts
  5. Flavor of Stewarts Ice Cream: Chocolate Peanut Butter

Can’t-Miss CapNY Event:

The Saratoga Race Track!