Jay Zhang Photography

Jay Zhang Photography is an Albany based Wedding Photographer, Family Photographer and Portrait Photographer specializing in Photography that is Photojournalistic and real, the types of photos that last through the ages and the ones you visit over and over.

Photography for a Lifetime of Moments

Jay Zhang Photography is a photographer for the clients who appreciate photography at its core values – capturing moments that transcend lifetimes and generations connecting various cultures and traditions and last for centuries.

About Jay

I’m a storyteller, I tell stories of couples by documenting them in moments that are unique to them. These moments aren’t always grand gestured moments like having an engagement session where they first met. Sometimes these are moments of remembering the first time you said I love you to each other. Sometimes its re-telling how you first met (I get a lot of really funny/romantic stories this way!). Sometimes, it’s me telling them to hug each other tight and soak in the quiet moment together. Whatever these moments are, they are YOURS and I want to tell your story. How you felt, how you laughed, how you lived.

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