The Capital Region of New York is a multi-dimensional 8-County region located along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers and at the foothills of the majestic Adirondack Mountains. All your nature-loving dreams can be lived out here. More of a bustling downtown kind of person? We have those too. Dreaming of a home in the suburbs to raise your family? Yep, right here.

Want to pursue your dream of working in tech, researching a world-changing virus vaccine, designing the next big video game or starting your own brewery? New York’s Capital Region is your place.

Get to know our places a little better by exploring our Counties and our Cities & Towns.

Need more? We got more.


Million Residents


Universities & Colleges


Arts & Cultural Institutions


Farm-To-Table Restaurants


Acres of Parks & Mountains for Hiking, Biking & Camping


Historical Sites Dating Back To The 1600’s

Affordable Housing

Compared To Surrounding Metropolitan Areas

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