Nigro Companies

Today, Nigro Companies owns and manages many properties throughout upstate New York and Massachusetts, specializing in retail development and management, office buildings and warehousing. With a proven reputation for quality and strong roots in the region, Nigro Companies offers the experience to ensure the success of a commercial project.

A Family Name

Representing over 50 years of commercial real estate development, Nigro Companies continues a very proud and successful tradition. The firm’s principal, John Nigro began his career with Albany Public Markets, the first large supermarket chain in all of upstate New York, founded by the Nigro family.

Thereafter, Mr. Nigro became Vice President of Albany Public Market’s real estate division – continuing his career in commercial real estate. In 1974, he joined his father in forming what is now Nigro Companies, the firm he heads today. Nigro Companies is built on the values of a family name – a name that has been synonymous with the accomplishment and understanding only years of experience can provide.

Our Staff

Working with Nigro Companies means working with a staff of experienced professionals. Our staff is responsive, conscientious and dedicated to maintaining the firm’s reputation as reliable, quality-conscious professionals. Nigro Companies has the knowledge you need, the experience you seek, and the integrity and standards you expect.

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