Ska City Photography

Your photo, the way you always wanted it to look.

Ed Sager, Photographer

I look forward to fulfilling your portrait, event or special request photography needs. Natural light, studio light, groups, solo – I have my personal style but we will work together to get the look you want.

A picture is more about the subject than the photographer.

Why ‘Ska City Photography?’

On the last day of a trip to London, while sitting in The Dublin Castle Pub in Camden Town, I made the decision to turn my lifelong love of photography into a business.  The Castle was the home of Ska music in the 80s and keeps the greatest jukebox on Earth; when a Desmond Dekker tune rolled into Ghost Town by The Specials, I knew what I wanted to do and what I wanted to call the business (as soon as I finished a pint of Camden Hells Lager).

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