Vicarious Visions at Blizzard Entertainment

For over 30 years, Vicarious Visions has made hundreds of exciting games, in every genre, on every conceivable game platform in the known universe and we are proud to be able to do so for the passionate fans of Blizzard Entertainment.

Our Team

VV is a studio that champions quality and passion, and this is best reflected in its people. Lovingly referred to as the VV Family, the diverse team is comprised of highly talented men and women who bring their personal expertise, creativity, and drive to every facet of the games and technology they create.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We support diversity, equity, and inclusion at our studio and in our games. We pride ourselves on our unique studio culture and foster an environment where everyone feels valued and accepted. We believe that a diverse studio yields greater creativity and innovative games. Our DE&I group strives to maintain and constantly improve diversity in our people, leadership, culture, and content.

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