Six Rising Stars in the CapNY Fashion Industry

If you ask, or simply look, around – it wouldn’t shock you to learn there hasn’t been much of a fashion scene here in the Upstate New York area. But if you sought out any of the up-and-comers who are paving a fashion path of their own, they’d tell you there is a lot goingContinue reading “Six Rising Stars in the CapNY Fashion Industry”

David Reali LYF Supply: CapNY Entrepreneur

David Reali is a 34-year-old, Schenectady born creator who now lives and loves Troy, NY. He is the creator of LYF SUPPLY and UPLYFTED, clothing brand and his passion project. LYF SUPPLY is a brand that has evolved from a hat and embroidery brand to a lifestyle choice, representing Reali’s guiding principle: garments that reinforceContinue reading “David Reali LYF Supply: CapNY Entrepreneur”

3 CapNY Thrift Shops for Socially & Eco Conscious Consumers

Fast fashion is unsustainable, both environmentally and ethically. So, writer Mia Nilo developed two criteria for seeking out CapNY thrift shops: 1. Finding local shops that directly benefit the community 2. Choosing shops that catered to her budget #1: Style Encore My top pick, Style Encore, is a locally owned and operated franchise. They’re affiliatedContinue reading “3 CapNY Thrift Shops for Socially & Eco Conscious Consumers”