CapNY Transplant: From England to CapNY, Rachel Malik

People from all over the world call CapNY home. In this segment of CapNY Transplants, we highlight Rachel Malik, entrepreneur, who recently moved to CapNY to East Greenbush from overseas. Why did you relocate, Rachel? I relocated to the region in April 2022 to join my husband who has been living here for a coupleContinue reading “CapNY Transplant: From England to CapNY, Rachel Malik”

CapNY Entrepreneur Resources

The Capital Region is rich with resources for today’s budding entrepreneurs and business owners.  There are so many potential resources that it can feel tricky knowing where to start.  As an ever-growing millennial business owner, I am interested and search for the same value you are. When I put together this list, I wanted toContinue reading “CapNY Entrepreneur Resources”

Washington County Makers and Doers: CapNY Entrepreneurs

A constellation of small towns sprinkled across a largely rural landscape, Washington County prides itself on its attention to community. Creatives who call this region home draw inspiration from the county’s abundant natural beauty, relaxed pace of life and collaborative spirit. A Cultural Heartbeat Washington County makers and doers have a down to earth pride.Continue reading “Washington County Makers and Doers: CapNY Entrepreneurs”

CapNY Creative: Richard Lin, Entrepreneur

Meet Community Builder & Entrepreneur, Richard Lin! Richard put together a very comprehensive list of information and resources for business owners, some tools he uses for productivity, and communities that have benefitted his growth…Check out more below! Resources for public and small business owners: City of Troy Resource Page Troy BID’s page for resources forContinue reading “CapNY Creative: Richard Lin, Entrepreneur”

David Reali LYF Supply: CapNY Entrepreneur

David Reali is a 34-year-old, Schenectady born creator who now lives and loves Troy, NY. He is the creator of LYF SUPPLY and UPLYFTED, clothing brand and his passion project. LYF SUPPLY is a brand that has evolved from a hat and embroidery brand to a lifestyle choice, representing Reali’s guiding principle: garments that reinforceContinue reading “David Reali LYF Supply: CapNY Entrepreneur”

Kaciem Swain Has A Vision: CapNY Entrepreneur

Kaciem Swain was born and raised in Arbor Hill and the South End of Albany, in an underserved community. His plan was to move away when he had the chance, but for his whole adult life, he’s stuck around to serve those very same communities he grew up in. Currently, Kaciem Swain is in theContinue reading “Kaciem Swain Has A Vision: CapNY Entrepreneur”

CapNY Creative: Kulton The Maker

Kulton The Maker is a music star and entrepreneur on the rise in Hudson. His music pulls in elements from R&B, hip hop, pop, and other genres. His melodic vibes, rhythmic smoothness and thoughtful lyrics made us want to learn more about where he has been and where he is going…read on! How did youContinue reading “CapNY Creative: Kulton The Maker”

CapNY Small Biz: Upstate Coffee Collective

Sipping on a freshly brewed cup of their flagship coffee blend, Matt Pfeifer, Co-Founder of Upstate Coffee Collective, said that if he could connect with every one of CapNY’s million residents, he would spread the value of drinking ethically sourced, carefully crafted coffee. Coffee & Community The small business venture started when Kevin Miner, co-founderContinue reading “CapNY Small Biz: Upstate Coffee Collective”

CapNY Transplant: Jeffrey Mirel, Rosenblum Companies

Jeff Mirel is the Founder of Albany Barn, Inc. a non-profit which operates creative arts incubators in Albany and Schenectady, AND a Principal of Rosenblum Development Corp. Plus, he’s a die-hard CapNY enthusiast. Originally from Westchester County, Jeff moved to CapNY in 2004. He lives in Albany’s upper Washington neighborhood with his wife and twoContinue reading “CapNY Transplant: Jeffrey Mirel, Rosenblum Companies”