Jade Warrick “TrashKid”: CapNY Freelancer & Activist

Jade Warrick is a powerhouse artist and freelancer. Known in the art world as “TrashKid.” Jade is not only a CapNY icon because of her creative graphic design & energetic spirit, but because of her active voice in the communities she’s a part of and her passion for making art accessible for everybody. We satContinue reading “Jade Warrick “TrashKid”: CapNY Freelancer & Activist”

Aaron Moore: CapNY Freelancer, Acting with Aaron

Aaron Moore started “Acting with Aaron,” in 2012. Born, raised, and still living in Albany, he started teaching acting when he came back to Albany after college and noticed that there were a lot of youths in the area who were interested in the performing arts but didn’t have an outlet for it. He wantedContinue reading “Aaron Moore: CapNY Freelancer, Acting with Aaron”

Kristoph DiMaria: CapNY Freelancer, Clown-Performer-Artist

Meet Kristoph DiMaria. Many call him Rags, short for “Ragliacci,” his clown-performer-artist’s identity name. And Will Kempe’s Players (Cooperative) is the name of his other business. Freelancer, Clown-Performer-Artist Kristoph DiMaria says,“I challenge you, the readers, to consider how freelancing not only satisfies the individual creative work experience, but how it can be applied to changeContinue reading “Kristoph DiMaria: CapNY Freelancer, Clown-Performer-Artist”

Top Picks in Downtown Troy: CapNY Freelancer, Corey Aldrich

“One of the things that attracts me to Troy the most is the diversity of culture, thought, gender and generally, the open-minded vibe I get hanging out downtown. The diversity spans socio-economic and age demographics. This is seen in many of the downtown residents and also the city government.” Beautiful Urban Balance Choosing favorites orContinue reading “Top Picks in Downtown Troy: CapNY Freelancer, Corey Aldrich”

Jayana LaFountaine Photographer: CapNY Freelancer

There are over 16,000 freelancers in the CapNY’s Creative Economy. The “CapNY Freelancers” segment will be highlighting talented individuals from different backgrounds, with different stories, and different visions. We hope you will take inspiration from their stories and use this as a potential opportunity to collaborate and support the freelancers in our communities. Meet JayanaContinue reading “Jayana LaFountaine Photographer: CapNY Freelancer”