Author Noelle Gentile: Advocate, Educate, and Love

Author, director, writer, acting coach, and educator Noelle Gentile draws on all her strengths as an advocate and educator supporting her daughters Lucia and Isla, who is autistic and has epilepsy. A Family’s Journey Noelle Gentile (age 42) has two remarkable daughters–Isla (age eight) and Lucia a.k.a. “Lulu” (age six). Born and raised in Albany,Continue reading “Author Noelle Gentile: Advocate, Educate, and Love”

Capital Region Disability Leaders And Visionaries

Inclusion starts at home and, ideally, extends into one’s community. As a person with disabilities raised by parents who taught me I was capable of anything I could imagine, I sought freedom. I ran wild with my able-bodied siblings in our childhood garden, ran track and cross country with my high school peers, and pulledContinue reading “Capital Region Disability Leaders And Visionaries”

Voices from Albany’s Queer Movement: Caring and Inclusive

If you’re a queer person thinking of moving to Albany, listening to voices from Albany’s queer movement provides perspective. There’s only so much you can learn from internet research. In order to get some insights, I spoke with four Albany queer community advocates. Each of them – whether connecting with queer youth, making inclusive healthContinue reading “Voices from Albany’s Queer Movement: Caring and Inclusive”

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