CapNY Entrepreneur Resources

The Capital Region is rich with resources for today’s budding entrepreneurs and business owners.  There are so many potential resources that it can feel tricky knowing where to start.  As an ever-growing millennial business owner, I am interested and search for the same value you are. When I put together this list, I wanted toContinue reading “CapNY Entrepreneur Resources”

Author Noelle Gentile: Advocate, Educate, and Love

Author, director, writer, acting coach, and educator Noelle Gentile draws on all her strengths as an advocate and educator supporting her daughters Lucia and Isla, who is autistic and has epilepsy. A Family’s Journey Noelle Gentile (age 42) has two remarkable daughters–Isla (age eight) and Lucia a.k.a. “Lulu” (age six). Born and raised in Albany,Continue reading “Author Noelle Gentile: Advocate, Educate, and Love”

LGBTQIA Resources: 6 Organizations Across CapNY

If you’re queer and considering moving to the Capital Region or just recently started living here, chances are you have encountered the familiar stats and info blurbs below on the inclusivity of this place… Regional LGBTQIA Resources On our list there are only one or two groups that are specifically built as LGBTQIA resources. YetContinue reading “LGBTQIA Resources: 6 Organizations Across CapNY”

5 Great Resources for People with Disabilities: CapNY Discovering Ability

Effy Redman reflects on life and resources for people with disabilities. “On and off through my adult life, I have lived, worked, and spent time in New York City, where the sense of anonymity can be intoxicating. I’ve always returned to the Capital Region, where I have family and roots dating back to high school.Continue reading “5 Great Resources for People with Disabilities: CapNY Discovering Ability”

Capital Region Disability Leaders And Visionaries

Inclusion starts at home and, ideally, extends into one’s community. As a person with disabilities raised by parents who taught me I was capable of anything I could imagine, I sought freedom. I ran wild with my able-bodied siblings in our childhood garden, ran track and cross country with my high school peers, and pulledContinue reading “Capital Region Disability Leaders And Visionaries”

CapNY Creative: Richard Lin, Entrepreneur

Meet Community Builder & Entrepreneur, Richard Lin! Richard put together a very comprehensive list of information and resources for business owners, some tools he uses for productivity, and communities that have benefitted his growth…Check out more below! Resources for public and small business owners: City of Troy Resource Page Troy BID’s page for resources forContinue reading “CapNY Creative: Richard Lin, Entrepreneur”