6 Things To Do In Saratoga Springs (That Aren’t Downtown)

Summer in Saratoga Springs. There’s nothing like it. Horses, restaurant patios, shopping… and crowds. Sometimes I crave an outing that’s a little less populated, so I’ve put together a few ideas on what to do in Saratoga Springs that are a bit more off the beaten path. Here are six of my favorites to getContinue reading “6 Things To Do In Saratoga Springs (That Aren’t Downtown)”

CapNY Insider Tips: Upstate Kayak Rentals

Sign up, pay online, get a code, unlock your kayak/life jacket/paddle, ADVENTURE! Upstate Kayak Rentals makes the process of self-service kayak rentals THAT easy and that’s why they’re included in this edition of CapNY Insider Tips. The only difficult part of the process was choosing one of the eight paddle locations offered through Upstate KayakContinue reading “CapNY Insider Tips: Upstate Kayak Rentals”

CapNY Road Trip From Saratoga Springs to Schuylerville

This country drive on Route 29 from Saratoga Springs to Schuylerville is a great chance to revel in the farmland, lakes and rivers, and apple groves of rural Saratoga County. The solace and space of Stillwater, Schuylerville and all of these little hamlets make for a great spring drive. How to Get There A roadContinue reading “CapNY Road Trip From Saratoga Springs to Schuylerville”