Troy’s Oakwood Cemetery: Traveling through Time

Did you know that, before there were city parks in Troy, residents would take strolls and picnic in cemeteries like Oakwood? Well, what is old is new again. The 280 acre cemetery located in the northeast section of the Collar City is becoming a popular place for reflecting on the city’s past while walking onContinue reading “Troy’s Oakwood Cemetery: Traveling through Time”

6 Things To Do In Saratoga Springs (That Aren’t Downtown)

Summer in Saratoga Springs. There’s nothing like it. Horses, restaurant patios, shopping… and crowds. Sometimes I crave an outing that’s a little less populated, so I’ve put together a few ideas on what to do in Saratoga Springs that are a bit more off the beaten path. Here are six of my favorites to getContinue reading “6 Things To Do In Saratoga Springs (That Aren’t Downtown)”

CapNY Road Trip Through Rural Schenectady County

This drive through rural Schenectady county is a great way to explore CapNY’s natural beauty and pick up some craft beverages along the way. We are finally seeing some sunshine and warmer temps, which makes it a lot easier to get that vital dose of Vitamin D.  How To Get There There are several routesContinue reading “CapNY Road Trip Through Rural Schenectady County”

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