4 Self-Care Ideas for CapNY Singles

Capital Heart Connection always celebrates singledom – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tough sometimes! Whether you get a little down seeing your coupled up friends on the gram, or maybe you find yourself wishing you had a romantic partner to do some exploring with, or just feeling down due to being stuck inContinue reading “4 Self-Care Ideas for CapNY Singles”

10 Reasons We Love Being Single in CapNY

Becky Daniels of Albany, 34, and Gabby Fisher of Schenectady, 28, are two single, boss women who ROCK – and love being single. Now, they want to share with you why they living in and experiencing CapNY solo. They’re not the only ones who think this place is perfect for free spirits… Insurantly ranked theContinue reading “10 Reasons We Love Being Single in CapNY”