4 Self-Care Ideas for CapNY Singles

Capital Heart Connection always celebrates singledom – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tough sometimes! Whether you get a little down seeing your coupled up friends on the gram, or maybe you find yourself wishing you had a romantic partner to do some exploring with, or just feeling down due to being stuck inContinue reading “4 Self-Care Ideas for CapNY Singles”

5 Cool CapNY Food and Drink Spots That Opened in 2020

Despite the challenges of 2020 and 2021, these five brave CapNY’ers launched cool, new food businesses. They’re rising above the challenges of building a customer base and keeping their doors open. And, they’re doing it with constantly changing health regulations and rules. Left Bank Ciders, Catskill Left Bank Ciders began when a large, nearby orchardContinue reading “5 Cool CapNY Food and Drink Spots That Opened in 2020”

CapNY Community: Free Food Fridge Albany

Jammella Anderson, the founder of Free Food Fridge Albany, wanted to make fresh, perishable food available to marginalized communities. Food accessibility was already an issue, and the pandemic compounded these problems. So Jammella and a group of volunteers decided to take action with a community food project in Albany. Times Magazine Recognizes Jammella In theContinue reading “CapNY Community: Free Food Fridge Albany”

CapNY Transplants: Chrissy and Ben Traore, See and Be

Chrissy and Ben Traore met while working in a New York City restaurant. Soon, they were commuting upstate on weekends for a cooking gig. To their great surprise, they began dreading going back to Brooklyn during the week. “We’ve always worked 70 to 100 hours a week,” Chrissy said. “And the city and the expensesContinue reading “CapNY Transplants: Chrissy and Ben Traore, See and Be”

Mad Jack Brewing Co.: Brew Review by Tim Walton

Meet Tim Walton, the mastermind behind @TimsNYKitchen, an Instagram site with over 12,000 followers. Tim travels, eats and drinks his way through CapNY and beyond, and we asked him to pick his favorite brewery / restaurant. So — drum roll, please — here’s Tim’s pick: Mad Jack Brewing Co. in Schenectady. Read on to findContinue reading “Mad Jack Brewing Co.: Brew Review by Tim Walton”

Top 10 Ballston Spa Don’t-Miss Spots: Saratoga County

Driving south into Saratoga County’s Ballston Spa from the nearby city Saratoga Springs, as you approach the village’s heart you coast downhill toward the valley. You pass churches, residences and eateries, shops and boutiques. And it’s here in Ballston Spa that you’ll find some of my favorite places. Ballston Spa Local Jewels My top 10Continue reading “Top 10 Ballston Spa Don’t-Miss Spots: Saratoga County”

CapNY Road Trip: A Hudson River Drive In Greene County

Itching to get out of the house, my kids, boyfriend and I piled into the car and ended up on a COVID-friendly afternoon of hiking and driving along the Hudson River on Route 385 in Greene County, from Coxsackie to Catskill. Heading out for a Hudson River drive In Greene County we suggest packing aContinue reading “CapNY Road Trip: A Hudson River Drive In Greene County”

CapNY Road Trip: Columbia County Treks

Columbia County is home to stunning hikes, streams and waterfalls — perfect in all four seasons. Plus, there’s the thriving cultural scene, with standout sites like Olana and Art Omi, and many more venues. This road trip is focused on a fantastic, full day of nature, dining, history and culture! CapNY Takealong Map Click hereContinue reading “CapNY Road Trip: Columbia County Treks”

5 Off the Beaten Path Food Spots: Glens Falls Insider

How to pick just 5 off the beaten path spots in Glens Falls? There are so many places you might not stumble across so easily. Here’s my insider’s guide, written not just for the pass-through tourist, but the wandering foodie who appreciates the hidden gems Glens Falls has to offer. Vibrant, Sustainable, Growing The cityContinue reading “5 Off the Beaten Path Food Spots: Glens Falls Insider”