Troy’s Oakwood Cemetery: Traveling through Time

Did you know that, before there were city parks in Troy, residents would take strolls and picnic in cemeteries like Oakwood? Well, what is old is new again. The 280 acre cemetery located in the northeast section of the Collar City is becoming a popular place for reflecting on the city’s past while walking onContinue reading “Troy’s Oakwood Cemetery: Traveling through Time”

10 Can’t Miss Walking Trails in Rensselaer County

Just across the Hudson River from bustling Albany, Rensselaer County is a dream for hikers, cyclists, artists, nature-lovers, and locavores. Ten wonderful walking trails in Rensselaer County await you, just minutes away from the cities! Driving east from Albany or Troy, you’ll soon start to notice the hills, and eventually your ears might pop. That’sContinue reading “10 Can’t Miss Walking Trails in Rensselaer County”

Upstate Overnights: Catskills Edition

Overnights in the Catskills reward you with rich relaxing experiences. Choose from historic boutique hotels, tiny homes in the wilderness, or campgrounds. Or pick a creatively redesigned homes by fabulously talented locals. Clearly, the Catskills are the perfect weekend destination. So, whether you’re a CapNY resident or just visiting for a few days, these spotsContinue reading “Upstate Overnights: Catskills Edition”

Upstate Overnights: Albany Edition

CapNY has plenty of cozy little staycation spots that to fuel my cravings to escape from reality for a couple of nights. On this edition of Upstate Overnights, I’ll fill you in on where you can stay for a few nights in Albany County! 1. Grey Gables The Lowdown A Gothic Victorian home awaits yourContinue reading “Upstate Overnights: Albany Edition”

A Breath of Fresh Air: 16 CapNY Walks in the Woods

Lucky for us, CapNY is flush with amazing outdoor spots that offer wide open green space and interesting walking trails that often lead to curiosities and wonders, like waterfalls, windmills, and so much more. Here’s our list of 16 beautiful walks in eight-county CapNY that will allow you to safely commune with nature, take aContinue reading “A Breath of Fresh Air: 16 CapNY Walks in the Woods”

CapNY Road Trip: A Hudson River Drive In Greene County

Itching to get out of the house, my kids, boyfriend and I piled into the car and ended up on a COVID-friendly afternoon of hiking and driving along the Hudson River on Route 385 in Greene County, from Coxsackie to Catskill. Heading out for a Hudson River drive In Greene County we suggest packing aContinue reading “CapNY Road Trip: A Hudson River Drive In Greene County”

CapNY Road Trip Through Rural Schenectady County

This drive through rural Schenectady county is a great way to explore CapNY’s natural beauty and pick up some craft beverages along the way. We are finally seeing some sunshine and warmer temps, which makes it a lot easier to get that vital dose of Vitamin D.  How To Get There There are several routesContinue reading “CapNY Road Trip Through Rural Schenectady County”

CapNY Road Trip through Rensselaer County

A road trip to Rensselaer county is easier to plan than it is to spell but it’s a county with rich history and beautiful rural landscapes. This road trip includes both natural and man-made vantage points, and you see beautiful vistas that stretch into Massachusetts and Vermont. There’s also a stop at a farm stand,Continue reading “CapNY Road Trip through Rensselaer County”

Get Outdoors: Warren County Paddles-to-Pubs

The Adirondacks are one of the best places to spend the summer in Upstate New York. As an avid hiker and paddler, I venture up to Adirondack State Park as often as possible to enjoy the abundance of outdoor activities. My favorite part of a long day outside? Stopping at one of the many AdirondackContinue reading “Get Outdoors: Warren County Paddles-to-Pubs”

Exploring the Albany Pine Bush Preserve

CapNY is home to one of the rarest habitats in the world – get ready to explore! The Albany Pine Bush Preserve boasts one of the largest inland pine barrens in the world — one of only 20 in existence! A Delightfully Uncommon Preserve in CapNY The sandy stretch of land around the Thruway inContinue reading “Exploring the Albany Pine Bush Preserve”

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