Upstate Overnights: Catskills Edition

Overnights in the Catskills reward you with rich relaxing experiences. Choose from historic boutique hotels, tiny homes in the wilderness, or campgrounds. Or pick a creatively redesigned homes by fabulously talented locals. Clearly, the Catskills are the perfect weekend destination. So, whether you’re a CapNY resident or just visiting for a few days, these spotsContinue reading “Upstate Overnights: Catskills Edition”

A Little Getaway: Tiny Home Resorts in CapNY

With most forms of travel on hold for the time being, a quick escape to a tiny home resort has many advantages. First, they offer privacy and safety that is unmatched (none of the lobbies or shared spaces of BnBs and hotels). And, they are often built with mindful, sustainable design features. As a result,Continue reading “A Little Getaway: Tiny Home Resorts in CapNY”