5 CapNY Creative Side Hustlers You Need to Know About

In the last year COVID-19 has drastically altered the way we approach life and the ways in which we inhabit the world. For some it has made them more cautious, feeling the precarity of each passing moment. Others have become more appreciative of the present, embracing the opportunity to take an extended pause. Living inContinue reading “5 CapNY Creative Side Hustlers You Need to Know About”

5 CapNY Queer-Owned Creative Businesses

Meet five of the Capital Region’s most passionate and exciting creative businesses, run by Makers, Designers, Writers, Performers, and Culinary Connoisseurs. Each is bringing personal — and inclusive — perspectives to the creative economy in Upstate New York.   Bold Strokes Books Humans seek stories to make sense of the world, which is why representation inContinue reading “5 CapNY Queer-Owned Creative Businesses”

All Are Welcome Here: Embracing Newcomers in CapNY

My father tells a story: twenty years ago in Ballston Spa NY, someone spotted a group of Mexican immigrants walking up Route 50 in January. Just released from the Saratoga County jail, they had no coats or hats. They wore summer clothes and light shoes. They hunched against the biting cold as they made theirContinue reading “All Are Welcome Here: Embracing Newcomers in CapNY”

5 Film Industry Professionals To Watch in CapNY

These 5 film industry professionals may not be famous (yet), but they’re making incredible work right here, right now, in the Capital Region. The Capital Region is just three hours from New York City, a global hub for filmmaking. However, even though the Capital Region regularly hosts television shows and movies, we’re more often soughtContinue reading “5 Film Industry Professionals To Watch in CapNY”

Jay Zhang Photography: CapNY LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneur

Jay Zhang is committed to both outstanding visual representation, as well as community care. As a self identified queer person of color, Jay’s photography celebrates a wide spectrum of people and couples. And, his investment and love of the Capital Region is evident throughout his work. Love is Love: Inclusive Wedding Photography Jay’s engagement andContinue reading “Jay Zhang Photography: CapNY LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneur”

LGBTQIA Resources: 6 Organizations Across CapNY

If you’re queer and considering moving to the Capital Region or just recently started living here, chances are you have encountered the familiar stats and info blurbs below on the inclusivity of this place… Regional LGBTQIA Resources On our list there are only one or two groups that are specifically built as LGBTQIA resources. YetContinue reading “LGBTQIA Resources: 6 Organizations Across CapNY”

CapNY Essentials: A Guide to Black-Owned Businesses and Black-Led Organizations

Support 250+ Capital Region Black-owned business and black-led organizations by shopping, hiring, posting, contributing funds, volunteering, and learning more about what they do. Click on the map, below, and you’ll find restaurants, moving companies, marketing and creative firms, artists, transportation services, and much more. This list is far from complete, and you can help developContinue reading “CapNY Essentials: A Guide to Black-Owned Businesses and Black-Led Organizations”

5 Great Resources for People with Disabilities: CapNY Discovering Ability

Effy Redman reflects on life and resources for people with disabilities. “On and off through my adult life, I have lived, worked, and spent time in New York City, where the sense of anonymity can be intoxicating. I’ve always returned to the Capital Region, where I have family and roots dating back to high school.Continue reading “5 Great Resources for People with Disabilities: CapNY Discovering Ability”

Photographer Konrad Odhiambo: CapNY Creatives

CapNY Creatives is a segment that highlights creative professionals across the Capital Region. This discussion took place during this period of isolation due to COVID-19 – causing a pivot in the way many creatives did business. Allow us to introduce Konrad Odhiambo. Introducing Konrad Odhiambo Photographer Konrad Odhiambo responded to our questions about entrepreneurial businessContinue reading “Photographer Konrad Odhiambo: CapNY Creatives”

Jade Warrick “TrashKid”: CapNY Freelancer & Activist

Jade Warrick is a powerhouse artist and freelancer. Known in the art world as “TrashKid.” Jade is not only a CapNY icon because of her creative graphic design & energetic spirit, but because of her active voice in the communities she’s a part of and her passion for making art accessible for everybody. We satContinue reading “Jade Warrick “TrashKid”: CapNY Freelancer & Activist”