5 Sizzling CapNY Summer Arts Experiences

Here are five art experiences that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone — solo, on a date, or with your kids. Visit one at a time, or make a day trip out of it! So, get outside and enjoy the summer weather, AND support our amazing creative economy. Summer Exploration! After more than aContinue reading “5 Sizzling CapNY Summer Arts Experiences”

5 Film Industry Professionals To Watch in CapNY

These 5 film industry professionals may not be famous (yet), but they’re making incredible work right here, right now, in the Capital Region. The Capital Region is just three hours from New York City, a global hub for filmmaking. However, even though the Capital Region regularly hosts television shows and movies, we’re more often soughtContinue reading “5 Film Industry Professionals To Watch in CapNY”

5 Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods and Towns In CapNY

Do you want quiet seclusion? Bustling city life and high energy? A little of both? While the most commonly known cities and towns—Albany, Schenectady, Troy, or Saratoga Springs—are often top of mind, there are smaller neighborhoods and towns sprinkled throughout the region with historic charm and a tangible energy brewing for what’s to come. NeighborhoodsContinue reading “5 Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods and Towns In CapNY”

Discover These Seven Historic Performance Venues in CapNY

There are so many beautifully restored performance venues in CapNY. Steeped in history, they’ve hosted more than a century’s worth of stars. We’ve got the best of 19th century architecture teamed with today’s pop culture — what could be better! 7 Amazing Performance Venues Join me for this (written) tour of seven amazing historic performanceContinue reading “Discover These Seven Historic Performance Venues in CapNY”

5 Family-Friendly Skiing and Tubing Centers Across CapNY

Whether you’re a bona fide ski bum or just feeling ski-curious, this might be the ideal winter to spend on the slopes. Ski areas offer acres of open air and gorgeous natural scenery, making them some of the safest family-friendly spaces to spend with energetic kids who’ve been cooped up for COVID safety. 5 Great,Continue reading “5 Family-Friendly Skiing and Tubing Centers Across CapNY”

5 Great Places to Visit in Schenectady: A Local Renaissance

Schenectady is undergoing a renaissance! There’s something new to explore every time you pop by. Come explore the craft breweries and distilleries, dynamic restaurants with authentic flavors, and everything in between. Schenectady has become a center for unique boutiques and retail incubators that house local talent. Come see for yourself! Our Top 5 Great PlacesContinue reading “5 Great Places to Visit in Schenectady: A Local Renaissance”

Best Takeout Places Under $15: CapNY Food

Our focus on the best takeout places under $15 is centered on pandemic survival. With more than 110,000 restaurants in the U.S. closed permanently, (more than 40 of which right here in CapNY), how is it that the ones who have remained open have managed to do so? One of the largest factors was takeout.Continue reading “Best Takeout Places Under $15: CapNY Food”

5 Great Resources for People with Disabilities: CapNY Discovering Ability

Effy Redman reflects on life and resources for people with disabilities. “On and off through my adult life, I have lived, worked, and spent time in New York City, where the sense of anonymity can be intoxicating. I’ve always returned to the Capital Region, where I have family and roots dating back to high school.Continue reading “5 Great Resources for People with Disabilities: CapNY Discovering Ability”

Public Art Outdoors in Winter: Art in CapNY

Want some quarantine-friendly ways to enjoy art, stellar local food AND the great outdoors? Lucky for us, CapNY is filled with amazing public art! From historic architecture and neighborhoods to public art “galleries” in urban alleyways, CapNY writer Jessica Kelly found six great sites that we can enjoy all winter. Have more ideas? Send themContinue reading “Public Art Outdoors in Winter: Art in CapNY”

David Reali LYF Supply: CapNY Entrepreneur

David Reali is a 34-year-old, Schenectady born creator who now lives and loves Troy, NY. He is the creator of LYF SUPPLY and UPLYFTED, clothing brand and his passion project. LYF SUPPLY is a brand that has evolved from a hat and embroidery brand to a lifestyle choice, representing Reali’s guiding principle: garments that reinforceContinue reading “David Reali LYF Supply: CapNY Entrepreneur”